Your Guide to Challenge Coin Rules

Notice that your friends have collector coins they are happy to show off? Caught empty-handed while out with your buddies and ended up paying for a round of drinks? 

Wondering exactly what are challenge coins? These commemorative coins are more than collector’s pieces, they are a rich part of history.

Learn challenge coins rules and soon you’ll be on the receiving end of those drinks. 

While challenge coins might not be well known today, they have a rich history—these are the challenge coin rules you should know to get involved

History of Challenge Coins

The history of challenge coins isn’t fully known. They may have originated as a way for soldiers to identify themselves or developed as an honorary gesture among elite squadrons. 

Recognition and use of challenge coins became popular during the Vietnam War and are still popular today. The use of challenge coins extends beyond those in military service into other organizations as well. 

Coin Check 

One popular use of challenge coins is through a coin check. The rules of the game are simple. When a group is drinking in a bar, an individual calls out “coin check.”

The last person to show their coin, or worse, not have a coin on hand at all, buys a round of drinks. 

These coin checks happen most often in casual, group settings, but can take place in other places as well. If you are challenged to a coin check, you cannot take more than four steps to reach your challenge coin. 

Challenge Coins Rules 

Coin checks are meant to be fun, but giving and receiving a challenge coin is an honor. There are some specific rules to keep in mind surrounding challenge coins. 

Treat the coin with honor. You should keep it with you or in a safe place.

Do not drill a hole in your coin or wear it as a piece of jewelry. You can carry the challenge coin in a special pouch worn around your neck. 

Don’t hand off your challenge coin to just anyone. Handing the coin to someone implies you are giving it to them. If someone wants to examine the coin, set it on a flat surface, where they can then pick it up and have a look. 

Remain within arms reach of the coin while others are examining it. Once they are finished, they will return it to where you placed it and you can retrieve it. 

If you are in a situation where someone calls a coin check and you have more than one coin, do not loan your coin to someone else. Again, this is the same as giving the coin to them. 

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Collecting challenge coins can be a lot of fun, but never forget what an honor it is to have one or more of these items. Familiarize yourself with challenge coins rules so you treat the coin and the camaraderie that goes along with them with the reverence they deserve. 

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