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Why Is a Home Telephone Service Considered Irreplaceable?

Landlines are on their way out. But unfortunately, this is a fact that cannot be concealed. Statista’s newest study shows that only 39.7% of American households still have a working landline phone, compared to 59.2% of cell phone users.

Though these arguments may appear compelling from a futuristic perspective, you must ask yourself if you are genuinely ready to give up something that has delivered value for 143 years and continues to do so.

If you answered no, then congrats on making a wise decision. If you answered yes, perhaps this article can persuade you to reconsider your view and understand the possible benefits of keeping a home telephone service.


Benefits of retaining a home telephone service

Check out the list below before deciding whether or not you want to retain your landline services:

The Call Quality on a Landline Is Unparalleled

Nothing is more terrifying than having your call dropped during a crucial conversation due to a lack of signal coverage. With a cellphone, which uses wireless technology, this happens considerably more frequently. It’s nearly hard to keep a smartphone call going for more than a few seconds in regions where there’s a lot of interference.

On the other hand, traditional robust copper lines provide landlines that carry audio data with crystal-clear clarity and provide 100 percent signal reception regardless of time or location. So get a landline for your home or office if you want to converse for hours without losing connection.

A landline is highly cost-effective

Every year, companies offer new and improved smartphones, enticing people to ditch their old phones in favour of the latest flagship phones, which start at $800. A practice like this rips a significant hole in your budget. With a landline, you won’t have to worry about running out of money.

A landline allows for faster emergency assistance

Nobody is immune to bad luck. So it’s a good idea to plan to handle the situation as effectively as possible. Here’s where landlines come into play. Your home phone has the potential to save your life.

Let’s say a family member passes out or has a stroke unexpectedly, and you don’t have a vehicle to drive them to the hospital in time. What would you do if you were in this situation? Isn’t it time to dial 911?

If your phone is from a landline, the authorities will be able to track your specific location and arrive at your home with medical assistance quickly. In addition, most modern home phones include an integrated E911 capability with clever geolocation technology, allowing for speedier help in an emergency.

A landline comes with a battery backup

Because of climate change, your home could be hit by a mild storm or a flash hurricane because of the weather changes. When all other methods of communication are disabled, and the electricity goes out, a landline becomes extremely useful.

It’s impossible to misplace a landline phone

Even the most advanced smartphone is still a small, compact device that may be easily misplaced anywhere and at any moment. Imagine being late for class in the morning and still racing around your house with your smartphone playing hide and seek.

Take the bus home and discover halfway through the ride that you’ve forgotten your phone at the bus stop. The list of similar situations goes on and on. The idea is that, although a smartphone is more likely to be misplaced, a landline has no potential of being misplaced. It’s bright, sparkly, and wired to a specific location, so you can’t lose it.

Even in this day of progressive cord-cutting and promising smartphone technology, there are many good reasons to keep a landline phone.

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