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What You Should Visit In Budapest?

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is considered as the ‘Paris of the East’ and ‘Spa Capital of the world’. It is rich in culture, delectable dishes, underground caves and has many UNESCO World Heritage sites. Bisected by the Mighty River Danube, Budapest is a home to several thermal springs and wonderful falls.

Budapest has a vast list of things and locations to explore. The dynamic city includes impressive architecture, natural beauty, romantic aura, art and history and shopping places. With so many attractions, Budapest has become one of the top holiday destinations in Hungary.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) offers services to many international cities. You can come and visit this city at any month depending on the places of your interest. Summers are the festival seasons of Budapest while winters are perfect for taking thermal baths and visiting the snow-filled areas.


Places to visit

Out of numerous attractions in Budapest, some of the top places have been sorted out for you. Have a look at these marvels.

  • Fisherman’s bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion takes you to the history of the Middle Ages where the fishermen’s guild constructed defence walls for them. Now, it is one of the top sites without a doubt. The lookout towers give the best views of the city and the River Danube. The Bastion is a historical monument and it includes neo-Romanesque towers, colonnades, courtyards and walls. There is a bronze statue of St. Stephen, the first king of Hungary. The walls have scenes of St. Stephen’s life.

  • Margaret island

Margaret island is the main recreational centre for the visitors in Budapest. The blossoming gardens and paths, thermal spring-fed medicinal baths and remnants of the historic buildings serve as a major attraction for the tourists. You can rent bikes to take a ride around the island. If you visit at night, be sure to attend the Margaret island musical fountain.

  • Danube bank

The Danube river flows from north to south of Budapest. There is a pleasant riverside walkway between Elisabeth and Széchenyi Chain Bridges. There are many sites to enjoy the views of the river but Danube Promenade is one the best points on the bank of the river to admire the stunning architecture of the city. You will surprised to find the Shoes on the Danube Bank with a series of 60 pairs of shoes to commemorate the Jews shot here by the Nazis.

  • Buda castle

Buda Castle is a huge palace with 200 rooms built to protect it from the Tartar and Mongol attacks. It was badly damaged in the Second World War but much of its exterior has been restored with sections of the interior. Now, this place serves to be the home of many important museums which includes Budapest History Museum, Hungarian National Gallery, Military History Museum, Koller Gallery and many more. The entire structure is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Chain bridge

The Chain Bridge or the Szechenyi is the oldest suspension bridge of Budapest that connects both sides of the city. It spans the Danube river between Buda and Pest. It was very difficult to cross the river by foot or by boat during the coldest months. So, the Chain bridge was built. It forms the best shooting point in Budapest with the lovely scenic spots and fascinating view of the city.

  • House of terror

The House of Terror is a museum in Budapest that exhibits communists and fascists regimes in the 20th century. It is a memorial to the victims of these regimes and includes those who were killed, detained, tortured and interrogated. This museum was constructed to commemorate the bloody period of Hungarian history. It gives the visitors a better understanding of the complex political background of the country.

There are many luxury and budget hotels that provide you the best view of the River Danube as well as other attractions. Get yourself oriented with this lovely city and explore all the fabulous sites. To experience Hungarian culture and cuisine you take a short trip to towns. So, plan for a tour to discover Budapest and get the affordable and cheapest flight tickets at Wizz Air. Have a memorable journey!

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