Tulum Travel Guide; Everything you need to know for your visit

Tulum has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Beyond being a perfect place to enjoy impressive thematic parties, this city offers an impressive natural and architectural scenario that is worth admiring and enjoying in all senses.

Recently recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity due to the archaeological importance that the city maintains on its important Mayan roots, Tulum offers a unique landscape accompanied by the splendor of the Caribbean Sea and a favorable climate to enjoy the sun at almost any time of the year.

The truth is that it’s a place that to enjoy completely, it is important to make sure you have an itinerary that allows you to go to the best places in the city and take advantage of the time you spend in it, especially when you visit Tulum for the first time!

Tulum Natural attractions to visit

Because it is a city located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, it is clear that it is a tropical paradise and an ideal place to carry out outdoor activities. These all allow you to enjoy its fauna, flora and impressive historical buildings that are home to much of the native culture of the city and Mexico.

The main place to enjoy Tulum’s natural attractions is the Mayan Riviera, where you can find the popular Great Mayan Reef, recognized as the second largest in the world and where it is possible to perform underwater activities that are unforgettable.

The extensive fauna of Tulum integrates the main species of animals of the Mexican region and it is possible to observe them in diverse locations of the city, in addition, its flora gives a spectacular landscape that is impossible to describe and preferable to enjoy in person.

The Aktun Cenote is another of the main destinations visited in the city, it is an impressive rock formation that is covered by the crystalline waters of the area, surely leaving any spectator speechless.

Where to stay in Tulum?

One of the reasons why Tulum has become so popular is because it is a destination with wonderful attractions and a hotel complex quite economical compared to other tourist places, without neglecting the excellence and quality of its services.

The truth is, there are several options to choose from and each one of them is able to adapt to the needs of its guests. However, among the most outstanding hotels and inns in the city are

Mango Tulum Hotel

Characterized by personalized and professional attention, the Mango Tulum Hotel has really comfortable rooms equipped with everything necessary to ensure a comfortable stay. In addition its location is privileged to be very close to the archaeological site of the city.

Luna del Sur Inn

With a central location in the city, it is not surprising that the Posada Luna del Sur is among the most requested accommodations in Tulum, in addition its prices are very economical and their stay plans include breakfast.

Hotel Viva Las Estrellas

If you are looking for comfort, convenience and good accommodation, this is definitely the option. This wonderful complex has been built with the intention of ensuring that its guests have good-sized rooms, gourmet breakfasts included and quick and immediate access to the beach.

Where to eat in Tulum?

Fish, wild boar, seafood and the use of spices are the main gastronomic ingredients of the city of Tulum and in general, in all the Mayan Riviera. Therefore, to taste of wonderful plates, prepared with the main customs of the city, is more frequent than you think and surely you will find more than one place where to find them.

Antojitos La Chiapaneca

A perfect place to enjoy the typical dishes of Mexican and Cancun cuisine, with a family atmosphere and prices you probably did not imagine existed.

La Eufemia

La Eufemia is a restaurant that you cannot miss on your visit to Tulum, they are experts in preparing exquisite seafood and meat tacos that make you lick your fingers.

Manglar Pizzeria

One of the most popular places in the city is this pizzeria, because, its prices are very cheap and its pizzas are unique in flavor and size.

How to get to Tulum from the airport in Cancun?

There are several methods of transport to go directly from the airport to the city of Tulum, each with different prices and adapted to the demands of each user.

One of the most frequent is through public transportation and ADO buses, their prices usually range between 10 to 15 USD. Meanwhile, it is also possible to rent a car with prices of 25 USD/ day or decide to use a transportation from Cancun Airport with capacity for more than 8 people, safe and reliable.

What else should I know about Tulum for my visit?

If you have already made the decision to visit the magical city of Tulum, you have made the most correct choice you could consider. This is a magical trip that will be impossible to regret.

The natural, archaeological, gastronomic and tourist wonder of Tulum surprises even the most incredulous of tourists, so, for your visit it is advisable to have the greatest disposition to enjoy a unique trip that will take you to an exclusive corner of the Caribbean Sea.

Also prepare yourself to be able to know and visit its main attractions, enjoy its festivities and nightlife, contemplate its sunsets, fall in love with its imposing archaeological buildings, visualize its flora and fauna and do not forget to carry a camera always at hand, surely there will be more than one perfect scenario for a couple of pictures.

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