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Things You Should Know Before Taking the USPS Exam

The United States Postal Service (USPS) test must be taken by anybody hoping to get entry-level

employment with the USPS. People take this exam to test their skills as mail processors, postal carriers, and mail handlers, amongst other job functions. You likely clicked on this post because you learned that you must take this test to apply for one of these positions, or you did so just because you wanted to learn more. You’re going to learn the most vital information concerning the test, no matter what the situation is.


About the USPS Test

Since its inception in the 17th century, the United States Postal Service has employed nearly 500,000 people. To become a postal worker in the United States, you must pass a specific exam, much like every other federal government job. This is where the United States Postal Service comes into play. You must Pass USPS postal exam to be considered for the job.

Now, a more specific test (postal examination 473) is required. Although this has altered recently. There are currently four options for taking the USPS test (Postal Exams 474, 475, 476, and 477). Only 72 hours before the test do candidates know which of the exam types they will face.

There are a few steps involved in the application procedure, and then candidates are notified through email that their application has been selected for a test. Candidates have 72 hours to complete the online test after registering. As a result, any applicant who exceeds this time restriction will be disqualified.

USPS Test Format

There are a variety of formats for USPS exams.

Postal Exam 474

This is a self-administered exam that may be finished in 45 minutes or less. Applicants wishing to work as rural and city postal carriers often take this exam. From job-related circumstances to necessary work experience, and even personality traits, they cover it all.

Applicants seeking mail handler employment are required to take this test. Sections 474 and 474 have the same content. The only difference here is that there is an extra section devoted to ensuring that the code is error-free.

Exam 476

This is a test given to those who want to work in the field of mail processing. Test 475 is quite similar to this exam, except the situations in this role are suited to the job they are relevant to.

Application for the position of customer service clerk requires passing the Postal Exam 477. As with exams 475 and 476, this one is also quite similar. The situations are solely based on the character’s specific job responsibilities.

Other postal tests include the 916 postal custodian exam and the 944 postal automotive technician exam.

How to Do Well on the Exam

The minimum passing score for all postal examinations is 70. Only individuals who get a passing grade on their exams are eligible to work for the postal service, and their results are often made public on their website. In addition, the higher one’s score, the more likely they are to be called in for a meeting. You may have to wait longer for an interview if your score is 70 or 71 than if you score 85 or above. As a result, it is best to strive for a high score.

If a candidate fails the test the first time, they have a year to retake it. Applicants should begin studying for this test as soon as possible since it is obvious that they will need to do so before submitting their application. Applicants should merely submit their applications, and tests will be distributed based on the volume of applications received.

To be considered for a position, a candidate must strive to do more than just pass the test. As a result, for someone in this situation, being ready is an absolute must.

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