7 Awesome Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing, fascinating and a multi-cultural city to explore that has plenty to offer to vacationers. But more than that, the glorious emirate has a mixture of glamour and its rich traditional heritage.

Here’s a list of super fun activities in Dubai that are a must when you drop in for a vacation.

Legoland Dubai

This is a theme park full of famous LEGO bricks! There are 15,000 LEGO buildings standing that is built with a whopping 60 million LEGO stones in total – how amazing is that! This is originally designed for kids under 12, but enjoyed by people belonging to every age group.

There are around 40 rides and attractions to get entertained including a roller coaster and free-fall. Along with that, another highlight of the place is the incredibly detailed miniature LEGO versions of famous buildings around the world like the Burj Khalifa or the Taj Mahal.

Right next to that you’ll find Legoland Water Park which has water attractions and rides to explore your creativity. You can build your own LEGO raft at the Imagination Stations and enjoy the Twist N Spin slides.

There is a 95 meter long Red Rush watercourse which is an exciting experience where you get to sail on a winding trail in a rubber band.

Dubai Opera

It’s a performing arts venue in Downtown Dubai that hosts a variety of shows not limited to opera. It is beautifully built with state-of-the-art technology and architecture. The ‘bow’ of the structure contains a 2000-seat theatre and a rooftop bar for a special experience.

There are unrestricted views from every section of the theater so you don’t really need to spend on pricey tickets on front seats.

It’s a multipurpose theater that hosts programs in musicals, ballet, comedy, rock bands, and much more. You can enjoy to the fullest with the myriad of talent it brings to you from across the world.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

This is one of the most remarkable man-made structures available for visitors to have a convenient glimpse into the unrestrained aquatic life in Dubai. It comprises of 3 sections that is the aquarium tank, the aquarium tunnel, and the underwater zoo.

The aquarium tank is located on the ground level of The Dubai Mall showcases a large collection of Sand Tiger sharks and rays as well. There are close to 30 thousand different marine creatures that you can view from the acrylic panel for free from the mall.

The tunnel is a 48-meter walk that offers the visitors to a 270-degree view of the aquatic life. The Underwater zoo is located above the tank and interestingly categorized into ecological zones according to the habitat of the marine creatures.

Al Shindhaga Museum – the Perfume house

For history fans, this place serves as an absolute delight! It showcases the inspiring past of Dubai and what life was like for the Emiratis. Especially you need to check out ‘Dubai Creek: Birth of a City’ which is a multimedia experience showcasing Dubai’s development throughout this time.

The Perfume House is a great way to explore the age-old methods of the famous Arabic perfume-making. You can learn stories associated with Emirati fragrances that is still a part of the legacy and that which used to play a very important role in trade within the Emirates.

Bollywood Park Dubai

This park and the Legoland, and many other attractions such as Motiongate Dubai, Riverland Water District, etc. are part of the 25 million square feet entertainment destination named as Dubai Parks and Resorts. The Bollywood Park is dedicated to Bollywood and Indian cinema. It catches the essence of Bollywood and its style of entertainment with action, romance, adventure and much more with characterizes Bollywood.

There are grand performances often held at the magnificent Rajmahal and other 5 zones for live stage performances by various talented artists in the industry.

Skydive over Palm Jumeirah

Of course, this would definitely be a fixed activity in every adventure enthusiast’s bucket list. And why not, plummeting through the atmosphere with the beautiful Palm Jumeirah 13,500 feet below you just give the right thrill for a lifetime of an experience.

There are many types of jump you can attempt like the tandem jump, the static line jump, or the accelerated free fall. Tandem jump is for beginners with the help of trained instructors. Static line jump is solo with a full-day technical as well as ground training for a short free fall. Accelerated Freefall is a 50-second free fall which is extensive with two instructors for guidance.

Spice & Gold Souqs

Is a Dubai tour even complete without a trip to the mesmerizing souqs? Dubai souqs is for the ardent shopper, where you’ll find everything from spices to hand-woven textiles to gold and organic goodies. Bargaining skills are a definite requirement if you want some great deals.

Gold Souq is the largest gold bazaar in the entire Arabia to shop for some exquisite jewellery and gemstones whether you’re looking for everyday wear or occasional wear. But just don’t stop over there check out some great spices, some lovely Kashmiri shawls at the textile souqs, and oud-based fragrances that are of high quality.

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