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Sunday Baseball Games on Little Corn Island

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Today was like none other I’ve had on the island, there was a baseball game between Big & Little Corn Island. It took place in the Little Corn baseball diamond and lasted most of the day. The price of admission into the protected bleachers behind home base cost $0.95US and chunks of watermelon ran under $0.50, indeed. There were several games but in the one I watched,  Big Corn had some pitching issues and Little Corn destroyed them 15-6 or something of such egregiousness in front of a good size crowd.

This gent reported seeing a school of 20 barracuda off the northern coast while snorkeling.


Tips hat,

P.S: Don’t put your camera against the fence behind the diamond, a foul ball nearly knocked my block off.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Baseball Games on Little Corn Island

  1. So, assume that’s the umpire behind the pitcher. Interesting. Well, being a huge baseball fan (less than two weeks until Major League Baseball opening day here in USA + Toronto) nice to see a report on the hardball scene on LCI. There’s a very good prospect in the Kansas City Royals’ farm system from Big Corn Island – his name is Cheslor Cuthbert. Have a great day. How long you planning to stay this time?

  2. Yes, that is where the umpire was, definitely not as accurate as behind the plate but such is life. I heard something about a gent from Big Corn Island going pro, thanks for mentioning that as someone said no but was quite sure it was yes.

    Enjoy the season about to begin and I’m here for maybe 2-3 months, not sure. 😉

  3. We are staying at lcbb and would love to meet you. My husband and friend we are traveling with are dedicated shabl followers. If you make it just ask for Ceelie. Would love to chat over some cold tonas

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