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Here’s How Often You Should Mow the Lawn

It’s one of the first things that you see when you come and go from your home. It also says a lot about you to other people. A beautifully kept lawn makes you happy when you see it, and the surrounding people love it too.

Ilya Ehrenburg once said that “You could cover the whole earth with asphalt, but eventually green grass would breakthrough.”

Your lawn reflects you, so you want to maintain it well. But how often should you mow the lawn?

According to a recent article from the New York Post, during the warm months of the year, the typical American spends 53 hours per month on manual labor and lawn cutting. Of those 53 hours, they segment 32 hours just to make the yard look nice. Americans take pride in their lawns.

If you want to know how often you should cut the grass to keep an aesthetically pleasing look around your home, let’s discuss a few factors that are involved. Knowing all the facts will get you a better answer.


How Often Should You Mow the Lawn?

First, you need to know that time is not relevant to the answer to the question of how often should you mow the lawn. It’s not as easy as just saying weekly or monthly is the right time. There are many factors in determining when to mow the lawn, like:

  • The type of grass you have
  • The amount of rain you are getting
  • If you are using sprinklers
  • If you are using mulch or fertilizer
  • How much sunlight there is
  • Stressors like weeds and bugs
  • Soil conditions like the pH balance

The factors we mentioned change every week and every season, which makes the answer to your question about how much cutting the grass you should do a bit more complex.

You may go a few days or a few months to not have to mow the lawn. Just remember that you should be cutting the grass when you need to, not because it is a convenient time or because of a cadence. Otherwise, you could damage your lawn.

Lawn Care Tips

Instead of creating a schedule for cutting the lawn, you want to pay more attention to the length of the law. Also, you want to look at its overall health.

Mowing the lawn is not as much science but an art. That’s why so many homeowners use their eyes to tell them when the lawn is too long and needs a trim.

Avoid Cutting Too Low

If you think that cutting the grass low to the ground is a good idea so that you have a longer duration before having to mow the lawn again, Brothers Services does not recommend this.

Cutting the grass low adds unnecessary stress, like eliminating shade from the roots. This can cause your grass to become yellow and dry out. The grass will die.

Type of Grass

You should get to know more about the type of grass you have to know what length is best for growing a beautiful lawn. The ideal height depends on the type of grass you have.

Beautiful Grass for a Beautiful Life

Home is where the heart is and your grass surrounds your home. It captures your attention every time you look out of the window.

The people who walk by will take notice of your lawn. You want it to look lush and green. 

Now that you know more about when to mow the lawn, stop by again soon to read our next helpful article. We want you to stop having a boring life in business, household, travel, and more. So, until next time, enjoy your day and your grass!

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