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Getting to Know Limassol, Cyprus


The hugely popular Cypriot resort of Limassol was one of the first holiday resorts on the whole Mediterranean that was purpose built. Most others evolved over the years but Limassol was built to bring the concept of beach holidays to Cyprus, which previously never existed. The rich and famous who could afford to holiday on the gem of the Mediterranean headed for the luxurious hotels in the Troodos mountains to escape the searing heat of the summer, but Limassol changed this forever.

Easily Accessible

Today you can get to Limassol from nearly all UK airports and great packages are available from a plethora of providers including, and If looking to go straight to a destination, an airport transfer to Larnaca, Cyprus is easy, same with most cities.

The first thing most first time travellers are shocked by is the sheer size of the place. When you think purpose built what usually springs to mind is a smattering of hotels and bars, not so. The seafront here, packed with shops, restaurants and bars and it literally stretches for miles.


There is also a fascinating history behind Limassol that you may not be aware of. When the Turks invaded the north of the island in 1974 they pushed all the way down into Famagusta town. The townspeople were forced to flee carrying only the bare necessities. As Famagusta was the closest thing to a resort that existed at this time, as well as being the island’s main port the authorities had to come up with a solution, and fast. That is how Limassol port came about and the thriving metropolitan area surrounding it.

Two Holidays in One

As well being the main arrival point for all the imported goods which come into the island, Limassol port is also an embarkation point for luxury cruises to the Holy Land and Egypt. Taking 2 or 4 days out of your Cyprus holiday to enjoy one of these trips is hugely popular. And it gives you so many more sightseeing and photographic opportunities than you would have otherwise.


As far as accommodation is concerned, you are guaranteed to find something to fit your budget in the Limassol. There is everything from cheap and cheerful apartments on a self catering basis to large, luxurious hotels which offer bed and breakfast, half board, full board and all inclusive. Everyone has their favourite type of holiday in terms of catering and it’s good to know that you will find what you are looking for in a resort you are longing to visit.

When the Sun Goes Down

While Limassol boasts a great night life, once the sun goes down Ayia Napa it is not. There are plenty of clubs for those who want them but Limassol is also very family orientated. There are numerous restaurants and bars frequented by those travelling with children as opposed to those who cater for couples, singles and groups.

Family Orientated

As far as a family holiday goes, you will be hard pressed to find one that ticks as many boxes as Limassol. The endless stretch of glistening, golden sands are obviously a big draw, as are the water sports available from these shores. With several large water parks in the area as well as numerous other activities for little ones, this is one holiday where you will never hear the dreaded words “I’m bored”.

Eating Out

If you are a gastronome then you have found your Utopia in Limassol. The cuisine here is almost identical to that found in Greece and both countries have strong influences from other European countries such as Italy and France as well as their own local delicacies. If you are foodie who likes to take holidays on a self catering or bed and breakfast basis in order to allow the freedom to eat at different restaurants during your stay then you certainly won’t be disappointed here.

For every fast food restaurant in Limassol there is a dozen top end eateries and one of the best known is Regato. This restaurant offers a vast range of Greek, Mediterranean and International fare with dishes ranging from 4€ upwards. If you prefer a more relaxed dining experience then head for one of the many tavernas and treat yourself to a meze. These range from 7€ per person upwards depending on what you include, and after experiencing one of these you will have difficulty managing one of the mouth watering deserts.

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