What’s the Difference Between Google and Google Chrome?

Are you trying to discern the differences between Google Chrome and Google? Well, that’s interesting, so we’ll try to explain as best we can. 

In premise, Google is the most common and data-driven search engine, a megalith in the realm of the web. Whereas, Google Chrome is potentially the most common web browser that provides access to users to connect to a variety of websites, albeit most of the searches made on Chrome are automatically routed through Google.

In this article, we will cover each in-depth.

So if you’re interested in knowing what’s the difference between Google and Google Chrome, keep reading.

What Is Google Chrome?

Currently, Google Chrome is one of the very few web browsers that are being used by the general population and is certainly built off the power of Google. It’s secure and fast and allows access to all of the potential websites, as well as the variety of content that is on these websites.

People can even choose to save pages and open them at a later date, as well as using different accounts for different users of the device. Google Chrome appeared in 2008 only for Windows machines, however, now it is available for all devices, as well as Google Chrome for Mac.

The greatest part of Google Chrome is that it’s free, and all of the Google-related applications are built-in as well. For instance, Google is directly-linked with the browser, so any default search will be routed to Google, allowing you to see the most relevant content to the query you have made. 

The drawback to Chrome is that it is very bearing on the computing processes of your computer, as well as the battery. Considering that over half of the web browser market is occupied by Chrome, it’s surprising to see that people sacrifice performance for convenience.

Chrome has come out with several separate-additive devices, such as the Chromebit, Chromebook and Chromecast.

What Is Google?

Google is the most commonly known search engine, which has traversed the minds of all people in a very positive way (for the most part). The purpose of Google is to allow individuals to complete searches via their query and then be served with relevant content that suits their needs. 

However, Google is not the only search engine, as there are Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yandex, and many more. Nonetheless, Google continues to prevail as the megalith and monopolist of this industry.  

Google has been started in 1998 with the purpose of being a location for individuals to gather as much information as possible without having to read books or listen to teachers. It was a problem of evolution for college students who in fact started this project. 

So now when you have a query, you input it into Google. Google analyzes the query and serves relevant information and associated website which represent the data you were searching for.

However, now Google also allows people to search for films, articles, audio, videos, paperwork, footage and much more. Google is integrated with a variety of other services which make the user experience even more enjoyable, such as Maps and practically every other application in the Google work-frame.

What’s the Difference Between Google And Google Chrome?

Now that you have a general understanding of what each is, we can finally answer the question of “What’s the difference between Google And Google Chrome?”. 

We will try to keep it as simple as possible. However, we will also focus on not losing any quality and covering all of the bases.

First, Google is more-so an entire company that creates a variety of products that help people get in touch with data that they need. Whereas, Google Chrome is a product created by Google which creates a gateway for individuals to enter the world wide web.

Second, Google can be recognized as a search engine, as that was its primary purpose. On the other hand, Google Chrome is a browser that allows access to Google, as well as other services. 

Third, Google Chrome was developed in 2007 with the sole purpose of occupying the market and outplaying other browsers. Whereas, Google was founded as a means of a research project in 1998.

Fourth, Google Chrome is part of a network of devices, such as the Chromebit, Chromecast, and Chromebook. With that being said, Google is part of the greater network of services and applications, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Drive, etc.

Fifth, both services have practically an equal share of the market, however, they occupy different markets. One occupies the greater majority of the web browser market, and the other in the search engine market.

Sixth, Google Chrome allows people to access relevant information through the means of a web address (URL). Google allows people to do the same but through the means of a keyword.

Seventh, Google Chrome provides access to a variety of documents, images, text, news, and web elements based on the URL inputted. On the other hand, Google allows people to find access/links to relevant information through the use of keywords. One is the gateway to the other.

Differences Set to Rest

Now that you know the answer to the question of “What’s the difference between Google and Google Chrome?”, you are well on your way to shine your newly found knowledge, as well make use of the services you need. 

In any case, Google Chrome and Google are often interchangeable. That’s because Google is integrated into Google Chrome, thus providing a universal platform that works in complete unison. 

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