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    1. Hello There!
      We are looking for Vincent…he give us a card with your blog on it, so you should knew him.
      We met at the Jungle party in Pai…he was mixing there.
      Let us know!!

    2. Stumbled on to your blog while doing some research on Nha Trang. Awesome work! My buddy and I did a 8 month 22 country tour in 08-09 that included most of the countries you’ve visited. You can check out the travel blog at

      We’re currently traveling the U.S. in an RV from coast to coast. A lot less interesting than the round the world trip, but fun nonetheless. After this trip ends we head to a 5 country trip to SE Asia, Vietnam/Cambodia/Indonesia being new.

      Keep up the great writing. We’ve reverted to posting mainly photos, which saves time, but doesn’t tell the whole story.


    3. Hey Rob,

      Going to France and Italy today and was hoping to locate your posts by specific areas to see what you enjoyed about the countries that I am visiting…perhaps I am too excited, and thus missing it, but I do not see a place on your site that I can actually click to go directly to the places that I would like to read about. Let me know!


      1. That is all coming soon, thanks for reinforcing my plan. For now try and search country + city or just the city.

        Trust this helps,

    4. I could only dream of doing what you are doing. I suppose I liver vi-curiously through your blog now. 🙂 Happy to meet you. Seems in my life I can’t even go an hour away. What you are living is beautiful. Namaste

      1. Thank you for the kind words, appreciated.

        Glad you are enjoying the journey and I had this dream for almost a decade before it happened, you never know!

    5. Hi
      I read that you have been in Macedonia. I want to go to Skopje, Ohrid and Bitola, but I have trouble finding housing location, hotel (not expensive) hostel. Do you have any tips?

      1. Shanti Hostel in Skopje. Went private in Ohrid with someone met at via station. Sunny Lake Hostel in Ohrid is supposedly nice.

    6. Rob,
      Hola, Still hanging in Bali. I’m in Cartegena at the present. Heard David made his transition. Can you email me so we could talk about this.

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