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Catching Kingfish off the Coast of Little Corn Island



Things have been busy around here on Little Corn Island as we’re approaching high season. Also, things in my life are moving in all sorts of directions and since this is a personal travel blog; not much to talk about as I’m not traveling. Where I’m living may be stunning but unless I’m somewhere foreign; writing feels the same. I have been doing stupid amounts of fishing and that photo is from a trip I took out yesterday with some pirate friends of mine…

First off, the shore fishing scene is still strong. I’ve caught lots of great fish including two or three big bonefish which are prized. They fight like crazy but I’m a bait fisherman and looking for my next big meal. We’ve also had a few bait fish poached from our hooks at sunset. There is a monster out there well, actually there are lots of monsters. The Caribbean Sea isn’t some big lake or river that runs through ya; it’s part of the biggest party on the planet and I love my table on Little Corn…

The photo was taken off the south-east end of Little Corn Island which is notorious for making lesser sailors sea-sick. It’s rough, rough, rough and big waves crash as you troll the depths looking for degenerate predators who need one more fix; little do they know it will be their last. So there we were talking about this and that and trying to keep our lunches down when this beauty struck and hit hard.

I think I need more line on my rod but I never do anything about it… This king started to run and I thought for a second my fish had finally come and my lack of preparation wa going to cost me. That said, it didn’t take all the line and after a furious and fun fight; said king had become my jester. Later myself and 6 other hungry adults enjoyed dinner only a few minutes after it was brought from the boat.

Lots of others have been catching good fish this year. Barracuda and kingfish are the staple but I have seen some big jacks and a few mahi mahi brought ashore as well. I love fishing and it’s tough to beat doing it in the Caribbean.

Tips hat,

P.S: Video coming one of these days…

6 thoughts on “Catching Kingfish off the Coast of Little Corn Island

  1. Congrats on the nice catch, man. What’s the situation down there for tackle procurement? My guess is you bring more gear and tackle with each return trip, attempting to build your inventory since there aren’t any tackle shops in my recollection. Continued wishes for good piscatorial fortune.

    1. Bring it, all of it. I have a bit of a stash now but when you’re out… you’re out.

      You can find hooks and whatnot here but little else besides some mono.

  2. I can remember catching a Mahi Mahi off the coast of Dominican… What a feeling!! And now awaiting the small window that will alow me to pursue the beasts that live here in the great white north and thinking to myself that I will never be able to best the fight I had with the beautifull dolfin fish.. Oh Rob… I cannot wait.. This has been the longest winter I have ever lived through…seriously…..

    1. What about that musky!?! Either way, too bad to hear about that weather but it’s about time. After I left the first few years were “most mild ever”; glad to know I missed another bad one.

      TIGHT LINES, good sir.

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